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LOVE + FEAR Ultimate Bundle 

LOVE + FEAR Ultimate Bundle 


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Bundle Includes:

LOVE + FEAR Vinyl LP   +$35.54
LOVE + FEAR CD   +$30.00
LOVE + FEAR Necklace   +$9.00
LOVE + FEAR Notebook and Pen   +$10.45
"Handmade Heaven" Instant MP3 Download   +$0.00
"Superstar" Instant MP3 Download   +$0.00
"Orange Trees" Instant MP3 Download   +$0.00
"Baby (feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi)" Instant MP3 Download   +$0.00
"End Of The Earth" Instant MP3 Download   +$0.00
"Enjoy Your Life" Instant MP3 Download   +$0.00
"To Be Human" Instant MP3 Download   +$0.00
"True" Instant MP3 Download   +$0.00

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Order now to download HANDMADE HEAVEN and SUPERSTAR instantly


Double vinyl, white (disc 1 LOVE) & black (disc 2 FEAR)


LOVE + FEAR 16 track CD album


Silver plated over stainless steel, Laser engraved


MARINA notebook A5, 224 sustainably sourced lined pages


Green recycled plastic pen 




1.) Handmade Heaven

2.) Superstar

3.) Orange Trees

4.) Baby

5.) Enjoy Your Life

6.) True

7.) To Be Human

8.) End of The Earth



9.) Believe in Love

10.) Life Is Strange

11.) You

12.) Karma

13.) Emotional Machine

14.) Too Afraid

15.) No More Suckers

16.) Soft to Be Strong